Full Music Production

$135.00$2,350.00 inc GST

This package includes everything to get your music or audio recorded in a very affordable package.

You will get access to all three rooms, all of the studio equipment including the full collection of microphones, all musical equipment including Instruments, Amplifiers, Drum Kits, Pianos, Keyboards, etc.


Included in this package hire...

Select options$550.00$1,200.00 inc GST
Select options$135.00$450.00 inc GST
$850.00 inc GST
$1,600.00 inc GST
$2,350.00 inc GST


All Recording sessions include full use of all Studio Equipment.

  • Includes Production, Recording, Mix & Mastering services in one package
  • Full use of the recording studio
  • Large space control room
  • Large tracking room for a full band
  • Isolated vocal booth room
  • Experienced Recording Studio Engineer included


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